Parking regulations

These Regulations govern the use of the parking garage to allow the parking of Customers’ vehicles under the following conditions:

1) The vehicles allowed in the car park are: motor vehicles within the limits and dimensions indicated at the entrance to the parking garage, mopeds and motorcycles
Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare reserves the right to admit vehicles with a commercial value of € 70,000 or more to the parking garage; owners of these vehicles, if they intend to use the parking service, are required to contact Garage Mediterraneo at the email address to check the availability of the acceptance and any special conditions.

2) The entry and parking of the Customer with his/her own vehicle inside the parking garage entails the acceptance by the Customer of these regulations and the completion of the parking contract between the company Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare and the Customer, having as its object the use by the Customer of a parking space to park the vehicle upon payment of a fee calculated with predetermined rates.

3) Parking fees are displayed at the entrance and inside the parking garage as well as on the website and are understood to be known and accepted by conclusive fact of the Customer who introduces his/her vehicle into the parking garage.

4) The payment of the parking fee must be made before the vehicle leaves the parking garage, with the understanding that in the absence of it, the Garage and its staff are not required to allow the vehicle to exit.

5) The Customer is required:
a) to park the vehicle, within the appropriate parking spaces delimited by the stripes, with the handbrake engaged, with all locks closed and with the engine and headlights off;
b) to comply with any instructions or requests from staff in order to allow the prompt completion of parking operations;
c) to use each parking space exclusively for the parking of one vehicle; if the vehicle occupies more than one parking space, the parking fee will be commensurate not only with the time of stay, but also with the number of spaces occupied;
d) to respect the signs inside the parking garage and the rules of the Highway Code that regulate the circulation of vehicles;
e) to compensate Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare for any damage caused to the structure, systems and furnishings, whether intentional or negligent, also pursuant to art. 2043 of the Italian Civil Code 2043 c.c.
f) not to leave their vehicle parked for a period exceeding 30 days. After this period, from the beginning of the parking, Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare will have the right to dispose of the vehicle as it deems appropriate, including the removal and movement or proceed with its seizure for the satisfaction of its credit. Without prejudice in any case to the Customer’s obligation to reimburse the consequent expenses and/or the greater damage.
g) to hand over the keys of the vehicle to the parking staff, at the same time receiving the ticket necessary for its recovery
In particular, and by way of example, it is forbidden to:
– park in the structure vehicles powered by LPG gas that do not comply with current regulations;
– proceed at a speed of more than 5 km per hour;
– smoke, light fires, use lighters or produce sparks;
– carry out the loading and unloading and storage of things, with the exception of baggage and personal effects;
– carry out work on vehicles, such as, but not limited to: refueling, repairs, assembly or disassembly of accessories, washes, etc.;
– park vehicles that are not in compliance with the rules governing their circulation;
– park vehicles containing dangerous goods or substances;
– park outside the designated spaces delimited by the stripes;
– access or stop in the parking areas or stalls reserved for owners;

6) The entrance ticket is the only ticket that can be used to exit the vehicle from the car park;

7) In the event of loss of the ticket or its deterioration, such as to make it illegible, the Customer must contact the staff in order to receive the necessary instructions to carry out the procedure for the payment of the parking fee. In this case, a fee equal to the rate of the parking actually used will be applied, plus Euro 5.00 as a flat-rate reimbursement of expenses.
In the event that it is not possible to ascertain the time of entry of the vehicle into the parking garage, the Customer is required to pay the fee corresponding to a continuous parking of 30 days.

8) Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare has the right to exercise the right of retention (art. 2756 of the Italian Civil Code) on the vehicle parked inside the parking garage, even with wheel locking devices, until full payment of the amount due. In the event of non-payment of the fee in full, Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare has the right to dispose of the vehicle in the manner it deems most appropriate

9) Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare is not responsible for any damage or theft, even partial, undergone by the vehicle, its accessories, or the things contained therein, if caused by third parties or if they occur despite the adoption by Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare of the appropriate measures for the management and control of the parking garage. In any case, the Customer is required to inform the staff of the circumstance that objects of particular value are found in the vehicle. In such a case, the parties will agree on any measures.

10) In any case, Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare has the right to remove the vehicle that is irregularly parked or whose parking is not permitted under these regulations, charging the removal and storage costs to the owner. For safety reasons and/or to allow work to be carried out within the parking areas, Montecarlo SPA Immobiliare may also move vehicles to areas other than those originally chosen by the Customer.

11) The parking area is generally subject to video surveillance and all the conversations that the Customer will have with the staff through the intercom systems may be recorded, all in compliance with the regulations in force on the protection of personal data.